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3 in 1 Wow Brush.


Allows you to blow dry your hair in half the time thanks to its huge air vents. Gives volume, lift and body. Anti static & heat resistant. Kind to your hair and doesn’t tangle and so much more!


Ultimate Twirl Curl 


The world famous and unique Twirl Curl. The Twirl Curl won’t break or damage the hair like regular bands and the best part; when you take your hair down you will be left with a beautiful soft wave and no kinks or knots.


Lurex Wired Headbands 


Available in Gold, Silver and Black


There are so many styles that can be created with these beautiful hair accessories and will also compliment the original velvet twirl curl.


Can be used as a retro wrap around Alice Band or a make up band for when applying your makeup. Suitable for very short hair and puts the finishing touch on to any style and outfit.

Beauty Glow Hair Accessories

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